Little Scholars Child Care in Lake County Ohio Welcomes You!

We specialize in providing a well rounded education for toddlers, Pre-kindergarten age students, and school-age children.

We offer a variety of learning opportunities for children of all ages. Children love our learning center, age-specific classrooms, and summer camp. Not only do we provide a solid education, but we also provide a fun and exciting learning experience for children up to age 12 years old.

For the convenience of parents, we have three locations in Lake County, Ohio, allowing us to provide an outstanding education to more children in a fun and exciting environment.

Our Philosophy Supports Your Life

Our philosophy has always been to provide your child with the same loving, nurturing, and secure learning environment you provide at home. We allow your child to explore themselves and the world around them.

We also offer a variety of features that other facilities do not, including:

  • Full-Day Educational Sessions – Our full-day program gives your child an early introduction to school. We also offer peer relationships, fun, and hands-on life experience.
  • Classes are Age Specific – Our classrooms are set up as age-specific. This supports our goal of providing the best education for each child and allows us to create learning plans to ensure that each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Parental Online Access – You can now use your mobile device to communicate with your child’s teacher and stay current about the activities your child’s class is working on.


Our Pre-Kindergarten program is set up in a way that encourages family involvement and the development of community partnerships. Our curriculum is child-focused and tailored to each child’s individual needs. We focus on:

  • Building social and communication skills.
  • Reporting on each child’s achievements.
  • Organizing education-based field trips.
  • Providing children with early experience in public presentations.
  • Small classrooms allow for more individualized attention.
  • Classrooms are technologically advanced, allowing children hands-on computer experience.
  • Learning programs accompany after-school care, so your child must not be transported elsewhere.
  • We maintain a positive learning environment so every child learns to love school.

Safety and Nutritional Criteria

Our building is secure and our teachers are highly trained in emergency situations. We use secure entrance technology to ensure that unauthorized entry is not allowed.

Our Nationally Certified Curriculum allows teachers to use a creative, fun curriculum in the classroom. This keeps children engaged and active in their own learning experience. We also provide healthy, nutritious meals that we have carefully monitored by the CACFP.


Building Language Skills

Our teachers will help your toddler put their own ideas and feelings into words.

Exploring Their World

Our teachers are here to make sure nothing interferes with their desire to explore.

Fostering a Love for Literacy

We help your toddler acquire of lifetime love for books and stories.

Learning Through Conversation and Play

Your toddler is encouraged to converse and play throughout the day.

Growing a Healthy Self Awareness

Through consistent routines your toddler will gain a sense of control over their needs and behaviors.

Nurturing Relationships

Our teachers will help your toddler develop trusting relationships.

Questions and Answer

We converse about the stories we read and practice retelling them to each other. We stretch your child’s critical thinking skills by asking for detailed verbal and written thoughts and ideas.

We support children as they interact with one another. Children are given cooperative responsibilities to help foster a healthy classroom community.

Little Scholars promotes healthy living by implementing healthy nutrition, physical activity, and outdoor play.

We offer a variety of opportunities for children to make choices and decisions, solve problems, pursue their interests, build social relationships, and see themselves as competent learners.

How to Enroll Your Child in a Program?