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  • Little Scholars Childcare in Lake County, OH

    Quality and Affordable Care for Your Children
    • Learn and Grow Together

      At Little Scholars Early Learning Center, our philosophy is to provide a nurturing and secure environment where your children can explore and learn about themselves and the world around them. Our pre-kindergarten programs emphasize the values of respect, responsibility, empathy, and honesty. We believe that children learn these values best through a combination of play, laughter, conversation, and hands-on experiences.

    • Infants & Toddlers

      As an infant and toddler, we provide a secure and nurturing environment to your child while helping them develop special relationships with each other and our staff. Each caregiver is both responsive and sensitive to your child’s needs. They are dedicated to providing your child with more personalized care versus engaging them in large group activities.

    • Preschool

      As a part of our preschool program, your child will experience an exceptional curriculum to help their imagination grow through creativity and hands-on activities. Your child will be comforted daily by our nurturing staff while enjoying the joy that comes from playing and learning with others.

    • After-School Care

      Whenever your child is out of school, trust our dedicated staff to oversee their safety. We offer enrichment activities year-round. Transportation is offered to and from several local schools. We are open on:

      *Snow Days*
      *School Holidays*
      *School Closings*

  • Little Scholars Childcare in Lake County offers age-specific classes and after-school programs that help children to develop their confidence, social skills, leadership skills, self-expression and much more – all in a safe and nurturing environment. These childcare programs are available at four different locations throughout Lake County, including in Willoughby, North Mentor and South Mentor.

  • Little Scholars Childcare Programs

    The Little Scholars Childcare programs are age-specific, which means that all activities, including both learning-based activities and physical activities, are designed with specific age groups in mind. These age groups include:

    • Infants - Children between 6 weeks and 18 months old.
    • Toddlers - Children between 18 and 36 months old.
    • Preschool children - Children between the ages of 3 and 4.
    • Pre-kindergarten children - Children between the ages of 4 and 5.
    • School-age children - Children between the ages of 5 and 12.

    Little Scholars ensures that class sizes remain small so that your child can receive the individual attention that they need and that they deserve.

  • Preschool teacher with students- Lake County, OH- Little Scholars Early Learning Center

  • Choosing Little Scholars Childcare in Lake County

    Few childcare programs offer the kind of age-specific experience that we do at Little Scholars. Not only do we offer a nationally certified curriculum, but we go the extra mile as well to serve the needs of each child and their parents. For example, we offer transportation to and from numerous schools for our before and afterschool programs.

    The dedicated staff here at Little Scholars can also take care of your children during days when their school is closed, whether it’s because of a school holiday or a snow day. When signing your child up to one of our childcare programs, you can expect:

    • A meal plan monitored by CACFP (Ohio Child and Adult Care Food Program).
    • A safe environment ensured by secure building access and a full-fledged safety policy as well as required procedure training for all of our teachers.
    • Daily routines and a positive learning environment that will encourage your child's physical and mental development.
    • School readiness programs along with an SUTQ (Step Up To Quality) rating that speaks to the overall quality of Little Scholars.

    For more information about our age-specific classes and after-school programs, contact us at Little Scholars in Lake County today.

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