3 - 4 Years Old
  • Program Overview

    Our Preschool program is for children 3 to 4 years old
  • Preschool

    Our Preschool program guides children in their learning and development.

    • Fostering Physical and Emotional Development
    • Encouraging a Positive Self-Image and Self-Help Skills
    • Encouraging Self-Expression through Dramatic Play, Art, and Music
    • Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Activities
    • Science Exploration
    • Age Group:
      3 - 4 Years Old
    • Class Ratio:
      12 : 1
    • Building Language Skills

      Social play throughout the day allows children build their language skills with other children.

    • Exploring Their World

      We provide well-designed experiences and environments that promote exploration.

    • Fostering a Love for Literacy

      Little Scholars teachers promote a joy for reading for our preschoolers.

    • Learning Through Conversation and Play

      Little Scholars believes conversation and play provides an excellent vehicle for learning.

    • Growing a Healthy Self Awareness

      Little Scholars will help your child identify and manage their feelings and needs.

    • Nurturing Relationships

      Little Scholars engages children in positive, secure interactions with teachers and peers.

    • Little Scholars is the best! Not only do they provide fantastic care to the kids but they treat them as if they are their own. This is a wonderful and safe place for your child

      Jacqui C.
    • The teachers are so amazing and are always interacting with the children!

      Janelle R.
    • I love having my son at Little Scholars! He is always bringing home cute artwork and is learning so much!

      Chelsea L.
  • Questions and Answers
    Reading and Writing Skills

    We pick high-quality literature that children are interested in. Teachers provide reading and writing experiences appropriate for each child’s interests and ability.


    Parents are able to track their child’s progress and communicate with teachers throughout the day using our Life Cubby app.

    Making New Friends

    We encourage children to engage in play with their classmates. We teach taking turns and sharing, and model cooperative behaviors.

    Preschool Learning

    Each child is given many choices to investigate a variety of activities such as: books, art, discovery items, music, dramatic play, sand and water, blocks, toys, games and the outdoors.

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