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    The Little Scholars’ after-school care program is structured to help develop your child at every level. Among other things, the program:

    • Provides academic support: We understand that homework can cause friction between kids and their parents. Getting it done during the program can go a long way in making everyone’s evening more pleasant. We don’t do the homework on behalf of the children though. Our professional teachers and aides simply will guide them and help break down the questions.
    • Improves social skills: The Little Scholars after-school program promotes cooperation, support and respect, helping kids feel more secure about starting a conversation or joining a game. And, if they slip up, there will be a staff member close by to hold their hand and help them keep going.
    • Creates a sense of belonging: Since the program isn’t run by the school district, your child will get to meet and make friends with kids other than those they already know from school – in a different environment, too. What’s more, there’s generally greater adult supervision than on the school playground. As a result, even kids with attention or learning issues are more likely to be included and feel part of the group.
    • Builds the child’s confidence: After-school programs are generally more forgiving than school programs – even the kids can feel it. The stakes don’t feel as high. This usually allows children to try new things and take more risks, potentially leading to a higher self-esteem.

    The best thing about our program though, is that good behavior and your child’s safety are guaranteed. Thanks to small class ratios of 16:1, thus close supervision, nothing escapes our attention.

    A few other things to know about the Little Scholars after-school care program:

    • Our staff members are highly trained and experienced
    • We have staff members trained in first aid
    • Kids remain actively engaged and stimulated at all times
    • We offer summer day camps with swimming and weekly field trips
    • Medication dispensation at the center is professionally managed
    • Our programs are tightly structured with no gaps, to ensure maximum value for the child

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